What is Stretch & Strengthen Therapy? 

Stretch & Strength Therapy is a unique blend of healing modalities infused with rhythmic touch, physical movement, meditation and breath-work!  


~All designed with You in mind!


If you have anything going on with your body,

please inform Claudia

– This assures an optimal Healing Session! 

Thank you!


The girl represents in imagination what

Stretch & Strengthen Therapy 

Physical Therapy Session

Benefits –  Ranging from aiding in Physical Balance to Neurological Improvement!  This Healing Sessions Boost your Flexibility, Strength, Stamina, Self Awareness and so much more - promoting optimal health from within!  

There are many more benefits –

Discover yours today!

Stretch & Strengthen Therapy

30 min. = $45.00 / 60 min. = $75.00 / 90 min. = $100.00