What is Stretch & Strengthen Therapy? 

Stretch & Strength Therapy is a unique blend of healing modalities infused with rhythmic touch, physical movement, meditation and breath-work!  


~All designed with You in mind!


If you have anything going on with your body,

please inform Claudia

– This assures an optimal Healing Session! 

Thank you!


Stretch & Strengthen Therapy 

Benefits –  Ranging from aiding in Physical Balance to Neurological Improvement!  This Healing Sessions Boost your Flexibility, Strength, Stamina, Self Awareness and so much more - promoting optimal health from within!  

There are many more benefits –

Discover yours today!

Stretch & Strengthen Therapy

30 min. = $45.00 / 60 min. = $75.00 / 90 min. = $100.00



All Client information is confidential


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Please Take a moment to either download your Client Form, fill out and submit or print your Client Form, fill out and personally bring to your appointment.  Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

Many Blessings!

One form for all services ~  Please add anything extra you may think is imortant- allergies, injuries, dis-ease, feeling good, etc.!!