Self-Care Through Reflexology

May 5, 12, 19 

9:30-11 am


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During the next 3 weeks venture into the Ancient Healing Practice of Reflexology.  There are thousands of reflexes/nerve endings in the soles of the feet, hands, and ears corresponding with every system within the body.   We will delve deeper into Foot Reflexology and the importance of this Ancient Practice.

Grow, Expand, Be Healthy - Be Happy!

For the first class: Please wear comfortable clothing and please have available a warm face cloth, lotion, pillow(s), blanket, and whatever else you may think you may need.


Self-Care Through Reflexology

Week 1
What is Reflexology?
What is Self-Care?
Why is this important?

How do I offer myself a Self-Care Reflexology session – What is involved?
What are the Benefits?

Overview of Reflexology Chart


Teach Intro to Self-Care Through Reflexology Hands-on Practice 


Week 2

Stress Buster Self-Care Through Reflexology Hands-on Practice

Week 3

Happy Buddha Belly - Self-Care Through Reflexology Hands-on Practice

Self Love Foot Reflexology Video