Ear Coning

Ear Coning is a non-invasive ancient treatment used for clearing debris and removing excess wax from the ear canal.  Creating space physically and energetically.  


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How does Ear Coning work?

The small end of the cone tip is placed into the ear, creating a gentle seal.  The other end of the cone is lit.  As the fire burns the smoke enters the canal creating a suction which draws the excess wax/debris out and into the cone tip.  


Why is this important - As excess wax is removed we begin to clear the ear canal, freeing the tiny hairs (Cilia) that help create vibration (sound) and physical balance.  This improves conditions from swimmers ear to stimulate the lymphatic system to improving hearing and balance.



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Improved Balance

Improved Hearing

Removal of Impacted Cerumen (wax)

Reduces Ear Infection & Parasites.

Relives Plugged Ears

Relieves Tinnitus

Reduces Sinus Pressure & Pain

Reduces Headaches

Reduces Itchy Ears


This Healing Session Boost your immunity - promoting optimal health from within!  

There are many more benefits – Discover yours today!

Ear Coning Healing Session

Recommended 3 separate Ear Coning Sessions with spacing of 3-7 days in between each session. 

 24/48 Hours AFTER Ear Coning

  • Do not immerse your head in water.

  • Place a cotton ball covered with Vaseline in ears to shower.

  • Put cotton in your ears if cold or windy outdoors.



  • Current injury to Ear Drum

  • Ear Tubes – check with physician first

  • Recent Bleeding from Ears

  • Ear, Neck & Head Surgery within 3-6 months