Want to ORDER Biokosma?

I will be placing an order Seasonally (4 times a year)

Please see the following order dates below.

Note if you want to catch the order date you must place your order 10 days prior to the order date - sorry no exceptions. 

for example order date = 6/20/21, you must place an order and payment before 6/10/2021.


June 20, 2021 (place an order before 06/10/2021)

September 22, 2021  (place an order before 9/12/2021)

December 21, 2021  (place an order before 12/11/2021)

If you are ordering Biokosma please take a moment to fill out the form and submit your payment, orders take 3-6 weeks to arrive.  I will contact you as soon as your order arrives.  When your order arrives I will have it available for you to pick up at All That Matters, located in Wakefield Rhode Island.

Thank you, Peace, Be Well + Reflexology ON!!!!

xo Claudia

Order Form


Please send payment to:

Claudia Wojcik

P.O. BOX 121

Carolina, R.I   02812

note it is $17.00 a tube

for example, if you are buying 4 tubes please send a check for $68.00

Thank you!



All Client information is confidential


Please Take a moment to either download your Client Form, fill out and submit or print your Client Form, fill out and personally bring to your appointment.  Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

Many Blessings!

One form for all services ~  Please add anything extra you may think is imortant- allergies, injuries, dis-ease, feeling good, etc.!!

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