Want to ORDER Biokosma?

I will be placing an order Seasonally (4 times a year)

Please see the following order dates below.

Note if you want to catch the order date you must place your order 10 days prior to the order date - sorry no exceptions. 

If you miss your chance you'll have to catch the following order.

for example order date = 6/20/20, you must place order and payment before 6/10/2020.


June 20, 2020  (place an order before 6/10/2020)
September 22, 2020  (place an order before 9/12/2020)
December 21, 2020  (place an order before 12/11/2020)

If you are ordering Biokosma please take a moment to fill out the form and submit your payment, orders take 3-6 weeks to arrive.  I will contact you as soon as your order arrives.  When your order arrives I will have it available for you to pick up at All That Matters, located in Wakefield Rhode Island.

Thank you, Peace, Be Well + Reflexology ON!!!!

xo Claudia

Order Form


Please send payment to:

Claudia Wojcik

P.O. BOX 121

Carolina, R.I   02812

note it is $14.00 a tube

for example, if you are buying 4 tubes please send a check for $56.00

Thank you!

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