Life is Good!  As my friend Barb used to say...  Life is Good!

Greetings!  My name is Claudia Wojcik.  I am deeply honored and filled with gratitude that you've taken interest in exploring your practice further with me.  It's my passion to pass on the knowledge that I've acquired and experiences I've grown into to others. Inspired by nature since 1982.

Thank you, Peace, & Be Well,

Claudia Wojcik

Claudia is a Holistic Practitioner.  Certified and Licensed in Thai Shiatsu Bodywork, Yoga,  Reiki Master, Reflexology, and Ear Coning.  A lifelong seeker and dedicated healer, her studies began when she was young, learning from many masters: Devarshi Steven Hartman, Kendall Sheldon, Kripalu, Sudha Lundeen, Jenn Thomas, Tracey Sodnik, Dr. Ken Nelson, Leslie Lang, Elysia Bates, Myra Partyka, Dr. Meridith Sabins, Nan Moss, the Community, and You.  A member of the All That Matters' Community since 2008, Claudia’s passion is in igniting her people's inner strength, bringing a special brand of positive energy to all her clients.



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Begin your journey with a breath of curiosity and a step of courage!

Love to you all, Claudia



Peace Outshines Darkness



200 HR. Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training 2012-2013

Completed with Devarshi (Steven Hartman) & Kendall Sheldon


Kripalu Restorative Yoga 4/23/2014

Completed with Kripalu Senior Teacher, Sudha Lundeen


Shamanic Studies, began in 2014

Continuing with Nan Mass

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level I, 11/21/2017; Level II 4/3/2017

Continuing with Jenn Thomas & Dr. Tracey Sondik


Thai Shiatsu Bodyworker Level I, 5/11/2014; Level II, 4/13/2015; Level III, 1/27/17

Continuing with Dr. Ken Nelson & Leslie Lang


Reiki Level I, 10/7/2011; Level II 2/19/2017; Advance Reiki, 3/26/17; Usui / Holy Fire II Master Reiki, 6/4/2017.

Continuing with Myra Partyka


300 HR. Integrative Reflexology Program, 9/22/2017-2/4/2018

Completed with Elysia Bates, ARCB, AAEd.

Cadaver Study at URI, 1/20/2018

Completed with Elysia Bates, ARCB, AAED, and John P. McLinden MS, PT

American Heart Association - Heartsaver - CPR AED Certified, 3/31/2018 (Infant/Child/Adult) 

Completed with Keven McCann #5091318258

Current Training

Baby Reflexology - Holistic Therapies Training, UK,




North Kingstown High School, RI 1998-2001

Colby Sawyer College, NH 2001-2003 – General Studies

CCRI, RI 2003-2005 – Fine Arts, Art

Kripalu, MA 2011- continuing – Health & Wellness

All That Matters, RI 2010 - continuing - Health & Wellness

Holistic Therapies Training, UK 2018 - continuing - Baby Reflexology

Summary of Experience


Thai Shiatsu Bodyworker

Yoga Instructor

Reiki Master


Ear Coning

Silk Screener

Small Business Owner

Creator - USA Patent Holder

Wildlife Rehabilitator